Saturday, 13 January 2018

Male Chastity Day 2018

Just like every journey starts with a first step, every chaste male needs a first day in #Chastity.

This day is #MaleChastityDay

Get a #ChastityDevice at the ready!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Male Chastity Day 2017

Here we are again. This is the 4th official male chastity day. Our objectives are simple - to let people know about male chastity and hope they can investigate and discover the benefits for both men who are a chaste and for those who keep them chaste. 
Chastity is a term often used as a gateway to many other kinks. Just like sexuality it’s diverse and means different things to each of those practicing it. It’s not our place when promoting male chastity day to tell people which of these diverse paths they should specifically follow. It’s not for us to set times or goals. This is not religion even though many are evangelical about chastity. 
Each person that reads this can help in a small way even if it’s just reposting or retweeting this. If we could get the hashtag #MaleChastityDay trending than that would be great! If your also brace enough maybe you could share something on Facebook?
It’s also important we keep all our efforts focused on one day of February 15th. Fragmentation of this date weakens the whole idea and fatigues those that might also help the cause. 
Valentines is over, if you have a chastity cage and a penis that isn’t locked, then today is the day to lock that penis up. If you don’t have a cage then check out the online retailers who you may find are discounting today to help promote chastity. 
Promote considerately and play safe friends!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

What I leant watching Fifty Shades of Grey

Well there been a lot of hype about the fifty shades books and film and I was hoping it might bring a little BDSM to the main stream. I was mistaken and what any 'ordinary' person would have learned from the film is
  • BDSM is for damaged individuals
  • BDSM is bad
  • Anastasia must rescue Christian from his dark past
  • its ok to be in a relationship where one is in a position of power and the other is a subordinate (Christian is a sponsor of the collage where Anastasia is a student)
  • You're able to know all of your kinks before trying them (as stated in the contract)
  • Its ok to stalk people and control them
  • Its ok to use the word 'normal'
Unfortunately I also leant a lot about two dimensional characters and no plot to speak of from the film too. Such a shame as I was looking forward to something that was at least titillating 

Monday, 23 February 2015

Swimming & the new Electrosex Wand

I dont swim much and I never really liked the idea if swimming in the chastity device. There have been a few reasons why. When I go swimming I've mostly got the children with us (we have 3) and my wife dosnt always come in with us so it can make it difficult in the changing room. Also I've always got this slight fear someone will spot it in your trunks while swimming. The last reason is just the fear of the whole thing falling off, despite the unlikelihood of this happening. 

I have swam in it more recently, but only the looker 3. The children are getting so they have their own cubicles and with the PA loop locked through then end of my penis theres no way its ever coming of without the key!

Tonight was different, no cubicles and in a place where my pierced nipples get the odd strange look so imagine turning up to the open changing room in a shiny steel chastity cage! The freedom was nice. I'd hoped when we got back that Mistress Keyheld might allow me a little penetration, but no her new wand from Uberkinky came out that she's really growing to love. I had to be the best supporting (out of chastity) husband while she enjoyed her wand and orgasm.

Afterwards she instructed me to lock up again. I guess thats a life in chastity, not always interesting 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

This isn't the blog you're looking for!

I've known for a long time that I'm never going to be the best writer, or blogger on here. My spelling is awful and my typing / auto correct is bad too. My writing structure is flawed. I only just learned the difference between your and you're. I only write those short entries in spare moments on my phone so they are not in depth or necessarily well crafted.

If you want a great blog to read, try thumpers blog, or ruffled-sheets, carasutra, Tom Allen writes amazing stuff too. They are all well crafted blogs, well written, edited, they have nice pictures and are professional. So remember this isn't the blog you're looking for, so move along.

However I do sometimes have things I want to say that take more than 140 characters so here it is in all its unfinished mess 

Valentine's didn't go so well

It was a lovely start to Valentine's Day this year. Being on a Saturday ment we could have a little lay in. The children were either asleep or still in their rooms so it was looking good. 

Mistresskeyheld seemed up for fun too and after a little foreplay she asked if I wanted her to unlock me? Of course I said it was her choice, but explaned it probibaly wasn't going to last long after 44 days locked in a chastity cage. The two locks came out and the cage came off, but I had to go and give myself a wash which sort of interrupted the fun. 

True to form on my return and some more foreplay and that lovely moment of penetration that's like your losing your virginity all over again I was on the edge of orgasm. After asking her to slow down. She wasn't close and Valentine's Day is shurly a day 'she should come first' we moved on to some cunnilingus (it's fitting the word is a kind of tongue twister) that's when it happened!

Nope it wasn't her orgasm, but a dribble of cum that signified a spontaneous ruined orgasm. I tried to stop it happening but I just couldn't.

It left me feeling disappointed that I haven't satisfied mistresskeyheld. 

Now it's male chastity day something I've been trying to premote for the last few months and here I am currently unlocked. Hope mistresskeyheld entered into the spirit of things later

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Did you put your chastity cage back on?

Weekends are something I always look forward to, often my wife and I will take a bath together and will unlock me so the cage can be cleaned.

We came up with a few a long time ago now where I'll do the shaving of my penis and balls, I'll put the cage back on, but she will clean me and play with my penis.

Today was no different I brought the key safe down, my wife unlocked the two locks on my cage and pa loop then I slide the loop out and cage off. The ring stays on as normal, it's still easy to clean with it on and the cage goes straight back on afterwards. 

The cleaning is often done with some Lynx shower gel and a net bath scrunchy thing that's quite abrasive when rubbed up and down your rather tender penis.  I suppose it gets rid of some of that dead skin that doesn't come off so well when locked in chastity. Often some of the shower gel gets into my pa hole and can sting while the cleaning is going on. I love the fact that my wife takes time to clean me but don't always like the act itself. 

Next the bit I like, the teasing and hopefully some edging. She'll often then start rubbing my penis with just her hands usually still with soap of some sort. I can almost achieve an edge or two, but today was different. She used some Vaseline which made me edge much quicker which meant i could get 3 edges in after only a couple of minutes. Bath time was cut short and she went upstairs and i got out of the bath and as usual cleaned the little chastity cage and put it back on with pa loop and all. i gave her the keys back when i went upstairs to our bedroom.

later that evening when mistresskeyheld was in the mood she asked "did you put your chastity cage back on?"

"of course" was my reply

"Thats a shame as I was going to let you have a little slip , slide in my pussy"

Of course she didn't mention unlocking me for a treat.